AMX 30 Au-F2 – Harder, Better, Further, Longer

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The AMX AuF2 is an upgrade program over the AuF1 standard which allowed for the installation of a L52 gun an improved autoloader and an MRSI capability in the AuF1 turret in the early 2000s. The sole prototype is currently stored at the 240e artillery regiment. The was made in around 2003 and little is known after that as the order of production AuF2 was cancelled in favour of Cesar artillery systems (which have the same L52 gun). The AuF2 was to be the upgraded version of the AuF1 TA, with which it shares many components such as the same chassis, engine refit, transmission refit, newer networked fire control system, new battery pack replacing the APU (which were a thing on AuF1s H,T and TM) , and muzzle velocity radar (which was actually an option used since prototypes AuF1s).

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The AuF2 is an AMX30B2 standard chassis (E9 + ENC 200) with an improved turret. Just like its Au F1 TA cousin, the turret is 12cm higher than the original Au F1 due to the larger engine.

The armour is standard AMX 30 chassis as the one found ingame.

The chassis is now 46 tonnes loaded with a Renault MACK E9 engine (750hp) and a SESM ENC 200 transmission. Hp/t is hence 16.3, not great not too bad.

Crew is 4 with 1 commander, 1 gunner, 1 driver and 1 radio-operator/backup loader

The L52 gun is capable of -4/+70° and has the MRSI capability allowing it to fire the first three rounds in 15 second (5 sec reload).

The gun accepts any NATO standard ammunition however GIAT has its own range of ammunition such as OE F2 (used on AuF1) and/or OE F3 (all can be fitted with different fuses such as normal PD or radioVT fuze), GIAT/Bofords BONUS TopDown AT round (in service : ACED F1 or F2 depending on version)

Quick Recap from ARTI n°11 for early 2000s classic french artillery shell and fuzes

OE 56/69 : used on F3 AM platform (aka AMX 13 with 155, retired by early 2000s) and TRF1 (still in service then).

OE CCR F1 (first round used on AuF1)

OE F2/OE F2 RTC (used on AUF1)


OGR F1 (bomblet carrier)

OFUM F1 and F2A (Smoke)


Not included are

ACED F1 (and/or F2) “BONUS” (F1) “BONUS Mk2” (F2)

(Proxy) RALEC F3 = 1st electric proxy fuze for AuF1 ( RA LEC F1 (aka FR 55 TRT) and F2 were for 105mm (F1) and pre-GCT 155mm (F2))

RALEC F5 = modernized F3

FUCHSIA = fuze for O 155 ACED-F1 “BONUS” and O 155 ACED-F2 “BONUS 2” (BONUS 1 = IR terminal guidance, BONUS 2 = IR + LIDAR terminal guidance)


Mass 46 t Length 11-12m (estimated with new L52 gun) 4m88 m Width 3m10 Height 3m30


4 (Commander, gunner, radio-backup loader and driver) Armour 10-80 mm RHA 155 mm CN 155 GCT L/52 (5 sec reload) 1× 12.7 mm AA machine gun (mount kept) 4× smoke grenade dischargers Engine Renault E9 (750 hp) with SESM ENC 200 transmission Power/weight 16.3 hp/t Suspension Torsion bar with reinforced dampeners ? Maximum speed 60km/h

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